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Regular price $599.95

 At 260g this binding sets the bar for performance touring at half the weight.  With a modern ramp angle to line up with today’s ski flex profiles, the DPS R10 competes at speed touring weights on the up, and rivals bindings twice its weight in downhill stability and performance.  With individually controlled release value of 5-10, a fully functioning integrated brake, and crampon compatible, the DPS R10 does not skimp on features nor performance. 

Brake Spec Ski Compatibility
86mm 87C2, 90RP
91mm 94C2
97mm 100RP
102mm 106C2
108mm 112RP
  • Release 5-10
  • Fully featured performance touring and speed touring weights.
  • Half the weight of any similar featured binding 
  • Slightly narrower drill pattern 
  • 20mm adjustable heel plate
  • 260g
Brake Size What is Brake Size?