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Spring in Scotland

Scotland is a magical land that isn't often mentioned in the context of skiing, unless of course you live in Scotland and are a skier. Steeped in tradition and wild lands, Scotland has some 96 mountains with elevation over 1000 meters, which means given its latitude there's skiing to be had for the dedicated, and freedom to be found. Mike Guest, a Scot of the wildest order, has been a member of the DPS family for ages, and calls Edinburgh home. With the coming of summer, he and a crew from Al Conroy's Freeze Pro Shop in Edinburgh rallied and took to their bikes and skis to tackle Ben Lui, one of Scotland's iconic Southern Highlands peaks, home to some of the country's steepest, more technical lines. Don't be fooled by its name translated from Gaelic meaning 'calf's hill'. There are features on Ben Lui that are bull-like. The crew started off on their bikes ascending 6 km's to an elevation of about 350 m where the snow line forced them off their mounts and onto their feet. From there, they skinned and climbed two hours to the summit. They skied the NNE face, with a steep, icy entrance. Solid spring corn met them as they made clean arcs to the bottom; back to their bikes. The DPS Wailer 99 Hybrids were on Jonny Lonie and Mike Guest's feet, and performed ideally as the ultimate daily driver. After a long day it was beer time, which they took care of in true Scottish style... scot_new_5 scot_new_8 scot_new_2 Scot_new_6 scot_new_3 scotland_3 scotland_2 scotland_4 scotland_1 scot_new_7 sc_3 468A9408 Unknown