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See what's new from the DPS Utah factory for Dreamtime

This year’s Dreamtime is fueled by two monumental developments, launching DPS into the 2013-14 season... In January 2013, DPS opened a state-of-the-art factory on the Wasatch Front in Utah. Benefits abound: DPS now employs over twenty area workers, R+D capabilities have expanded infinitely, and exciting innovations continue to emerge. The Utah factory nurtured the birth of the now iconic Spoon—the first ski produced at the facility—and its technology has now been incorporated into the 13/14 Lotus 120 and Lotus 138 designs, as Spoon Technology. The Utah factory has also facilitated the debut of DPS’ new carbon construction, Pure3, a ground-up redesign of the award-winning Pure construction. For the last seven years, DPS’ Pure line of skis has been the pinnacle of ski engineering. It’s a construction that was thirty-percent lighter than conventional skis, and thirty percent torsionally stiffer. It was revolutionary in the way it skied. Nevertheless, over the last two years DPS has been working to advance the Pure construction line, achieving breakthroughs previously thought impossible. It’s called Pure3, and it delivers an even damper and smoother ride to the world’s only prepreg carbon sandwich ski construction and it is the next big leap in carbon construction. With the launch of Pure3 Construction, Spoon Technology—including a variety of new ski models, and the birth of DPS’ Utah factory, skiers can assemble their perfect quiver while dreaming of the coming winter. Dreamtime runs until August 1, 2013 on and through select global retail partners.