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On Mount Rainier

Ben Nobel has been the Montana area rep for DPS for three years, sharing the DPS gospel with customers and dealers alike. His day job is at Bozeman-based Mystery Ranch Backpacks, makers of a wide line of technical packs, including sweet ski packs. A client of Mystery Ranch is the United States Armed Services. Last month Ben participated in the 6th Annual Camp Patriot climb at Mount Rainier with two U.S. Servicemen who lost limbs in service, Victor Munoz and Keith Zeier. Munoz and Zeier summited Mount Rainier, along with Nobel and friends. Regardless of circumstance, the healing powers of snowy mountains and wilderness is a personal and magical experience. We hope solace was found for all in the company of friends. Kudos to the team, and wishing the veterans best of luck on their journey ahead. Read a short trip report from Ben here.