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Haines on the Horizon

After two trips, we've never experienced Whitehorse in warmer than -15 C conditions, but there's been enough whining about the cold in this blog already.

With our feet numb and frost bitten, our spirits bitter and beaten, feeling road-haggered and testy, we endured a day of more cold temperatures while doing errands in the Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon.

In all seriousness, the final stretch to Haines, Alaska buoyed our collective soul. We had been driving in a light snowfall all the way through British Columbia, and suddenly, with a few hours and a couple hundred miles to go, we were traveling under bright stars and a full moon.

The big mountains popped with an incandescent glow on the horizon, Scottish Mike freaked at their grandeur, and the three Powder Road veterans shared collective smiles and giggles of happiness- an emotion that we were about to reach a place that we had been dreaming of revisiting for two years.

We were only one mountain pass and one border crossing away from our house in Haines.