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Big Dumps

The cold and high pressure has given away to warmer lows a big snow cycle. We came here in January to take advantage of colder temperatures for the lower elevation pillow and tree skiing, and it looks like we may be rewarded. Almost three feet fell the day before yesterday. It started around four in the afternoon, and by 10 p.m., we stepped outside to knee deep powder. Then, came a rescue mission: The Funny Farm kids had not arrived home yet from town, the power went out, and the phone lines had gone dead in the storm. We assumed their small front wheel drive car had been stuck in the deep snow.  Bruce, Mark, and myself headed out into the storm and onto the Haines highway to try find them. The highway was so deep we were getting face shots in Asadachi, and spindrift and sluffs were piling onto the road. The kids were fine, but the car needed a lot help to get home. A fun two hours of Rockwelian deep snow car rescue work ensued. 

That big storm fell on a rain crust layer, so we will have to continue to monitor that going forward. To compound things, the storm  was followed by warming and a rain layer at low elevation.

But just when things were looking down, it has starting snowing again, and a new winter storm warning has popped up in the forecast. 
Bruce about to head out on a Rescue Mission: